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  • Emergency Medical $2 Million
  • Chiropractor Up to $600 per year
  • Medications Up to 1 Month
  • Eye Examination 1 per year
  • Emergency Transportation Return Home
  • Dental Emergencies Up to $600
  • Wisdom Teeth Up tp $100 per tooth

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Snowbird Travel Insurance
  • You are Canadian less than 30 years old at departure
  • ​1 Million dollar protection​Emergency Medical / Evacuation / Return Home​
  • Repatriation of Remains 5000$
  • Cremation / Burial at Destination 3000$

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For ALL medical EMERGENCY, contact our Assistance Center at the phone numbers listed on your Assistance Card. All Collect calls are accepted 24/7

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  • Optionnal Contact Sports Cover up to 5 Million Dollars
  • Optionnal Adventure Sports cover up to 5 Million Dollars
  • Optionnal Extreme Sports Cover up to 1/2 Million Dollar
  • Cover Sports and activity usually excluded​​

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  • 5 Million Emergency medical protection
  • Prexisting condition stable for up to 7 days only available
  • Emergency Ambulance and Air Ambulance
  • Prescription Drugs for Emergency treatment
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Emergency Round Trip
  • Return of Vehicle​